Photographing a proposal

hidden photographer_1

Sunday morning and I am hiding like a stalker in the willow trees at Mont Rochelle wine estate. Why? One of my besties is about to arrive for a picnic with her boyfriend. She has no idea that I am here. Feeling a little like Katniss from the Hunger Games, I pray she doesnt see me… one last text message from said boyfriend: this is it.

She said yes!

What an incredible honour to photograph such a personal moment and get to be there to celebrate their joy.



{Real Engagement} Powder Paint Romance

We just love this fun approach to an engagement shoot; who says e-shoots need to be super intense, sunset moments spent staring longingly (and sometimes awkwardly) into eachother’s eyes? Big up to the couples like Dederika and LJ who have fun capturing their unique couple personality… may your future together be filled with as much colour and laughter…

Location: Newslands Forest, Cape Town (South Africa)

Images courtesy of Photography by Lauren Joy