About this time last year, I began dancing.

At the time it was a major Step Out from my comfort zone of hibernating on the couch and avoiding people under the excuse of being an ‘introvert’. And even then I knew it was about being obedient to Holy Spirit’s leading me out from my (comfortable and potentially harmful) Habitual Lifestyle.  I had become stuck in a social rut and while complaining about being lonely and not meeting new people, I was, well, still sitting on the same couch and only venturing out of the house for the same routine activities.

At the start of last year, Holy Spirit told me, 2018 would be the year of me saying Yes, Lord – and I would find the consequences of my obedience would lead to great change. It honestly did. And it all began with Saying Yes to Holy Spirit’s prompting me to start dancing (you can read the original post HERE). Was it scary? YES. Were there times when I questioned what I was doing? YES. Did I ever want to climb back on the couch and hide there? YES. Did I realise that was not the best solution to overcoming my loneliness and isolation? Yes… But. Through taking a bold step of faith-filled obedience, it opened a door to my life honestly being changed.

Because I began dancing, I met Garth. 8 months later we were engaged. Another 3 months and we were married.  I cannot begin to explain how much better life is because I dared to Trust Holy Spirit and obediently said Yes, Lord. Getting married is not the Fulfillment of every promise God has for me, but rather, it is simply the Start of a new chapter filled with other adventures and callings that require a Yes, Lord response. Every step we take further into God’s plans for our lives, is another opportunity to grow deeper in our relationship with God – overcoming Fear and finding Faith in His Love.

I don’t know where God is leading you, or what He is asking of you at the moment – but if you can be honest with yourself and identify a comfort zone or two which may not be as helpful or healthy in your life as you like to think… well, maybe Holy Spirit is asking you to trust Him and overcome some fears, so that He can lead you out into the More that He has in store for you.  God’s plans for you are always for your good, to grow you and help you experience Life in Abundance. Trust Him. Recognise the Invitation.

Say YES.

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