The fine line between Faith & Fear

So things are definitely heading towards the “serious” side and we have done the Meeting of the Parents, the dreamy conversation of ring design and the more scary (but necessary) finance Life Budget talk… and managed to survive it all mostly unscathed.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday and mentioned how challenging relationships can be, especially when it goes beyond the “I really really like you” stage and heads towards the “lets plan Forever together” direction… and the line between living by Faith and wobbling by Fear becomes very fine. Don’t get me wrong; I have no doubt that G is the man God has planned for me, but with him starting a new business, us beginning a creative collaboration and me already trying to run two sideline business projects (above teaching, because we all know that is such an undemanding career) its easy to become distracted by the circumstances and just a little overwhelmed.

I have been reading the gospel of Mark as part of my daily devotions and in chapter 4, it speaks of a man who sowed seed, returned to his daily business and the seed grew unseen until a harvest was ready. Isn’t that a picture of how we should approach a prayer-filled life? Now, when the Fears threaten, I sow my seed by laying it down before God and (like the man in Mark), I return to the daily “business” of remaining in the Present Moment with Holy Spirit. I know that Jehovah Jireh (one of God’s Hebrew names) is my ultimate provider; G and I both look to Him for our provision (of opportunities and simply the wisdom to make good decisions). We trust Him with our seed. We also trust Him to know better with our lives: that the bad seed may fall away and come to nothing, while the good, God-honouring seed may provide a rich harvest.

Well, that’s been my revelation this week, and so far its helped. Just thought I would share it with you all…


Ps. The cookie in the photo says “mine”



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