Cutting the blooming expenses

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers.  But flowers are expensive and although they really do add to the beauty of a wedding, many brides fall into the trap of spending unnecessary money and blowing their budgets.  Here are a couple of practical tips to save those pennies…

  1. Choose local.  Orchids and tulips may be breathtakingly beautiful, but you’re probably going to have to import them and if you’ve taken a look at the Rand-anything exchange rate lately, its going to get costly.  Rather look for equally lovely flowers that are grown locally, in that way you will save on transport costs.
  2. Choose seasonal.  This probably goes hand in hand with point 1, but flower pricing depends on their availability and that all depends on the season.  Do a little research and get flower-season-savvy, find out which varieties are available around your date and use that as a foundation to start selecting.  The alternative is, if you’re determined to have Blushing Bride proteas in your bouquet, ask yourself whether you’re prepared to set your date in August? Its a matter of priorities.
  3. Simplify the table flowers (and even the bridesmaids’ bouquets) to single flowers; think single statement blooms like King Proteas or Stralitzias or Gerbers.
  4. Do It Yourself (or ask a friend/ aunty/ friend’s aunty) to arrange the flowers.  With YouTube and Pinterest, it really is a viable option to create your table flowers without the help of a specialist.  With the current trend of rustic/ DIY style weddings, you can save lots of money and have some creative fun at the same time.
  5. Think alternatives.  There has been a recent trend in weddings to forgo the blooms in favour of succulents (which can be re-potted after the wedding!) and even herbs and ferns… most of which are still in their pots, just decorated in quirky ways.  You could even consider ditching the flowers altogether and opt for pretty glass jars with candles.  I’ve even seen paper origami flowers! The sky is really the limit and when money is a problem, look for creative alternatives to the traditional rose and orchids.

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