Hello, Love

As a wedding photographer I am often sharing in aspects of other people’s love stories; hearing all the great details of how they met, what makes “him” so special, the engagement… even spending a large part of their most special day with them. And yet, I have never had my own love story to tell – until now.

I am usually very private about the personal heart-issue aspects of my life, but felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to share this journey… because its not really about me or even for my enjoyment only: I believe God has a purpose for this relationship and hopefully (somehow), someone else may be encouraged by sharing aspects of our journey. And I am hoping that God is glorified in this testimony of His goodness, because my very favourite aspect about this love story is that Jesus wrote it.

So I don’t really know where this will take me, but for as long as the Holy Spirit says “share”, I will do my best to be vulnerable and open with you…


Thank you for sharing my Happy Place with me,

L. xx